I went to a racecar track to watch a race!

Besides being one of my favorite palindromes, a racecar race is a fascinating place!!!

My friend Val posted a few months ago that she had never been to the nearby Waterford Speedbowl, even though the track was literally so close to her house that she could hear the races every week. I mentioned that I had never been either, so we made plans to check it out sometime this summer. We decided to make it happen last night.


IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! We didn’t know any of the rules, and still don’t, so we were left with 2345927865 questions. We learned one rule, however: a lap does not count unless at least half of the drivers cross the line. This did not help with any of our other questions, hahaha.

By far my favorite race of the night was the last one that featured the SK modifieds. (I’m began dropping lingo like I actually know what I’m talking about…”he looked a bit skaty there on the back stretch”…) This race had LOTS of blow outs and even this crash where one car was ON TOP OF ANOTHER CAR!


Everyone was OK and the drivers quickly climbed out of their cars and the wreckers dragged them away.

That race was SUPER loud, so we wore ear plugs. I could barely hear anything with them in. “Heh?!!! What’d ya say?!!!”


Here are the last few laps of the race:

All in all, it was awesome fun and super cool to watch. Now I just need to find a cute racecar driver to explain the rules to me….

Make sure to tune in next week! There will be a very special post to commemorate the one year anniversary of trying new things. The original project began on September 1st, and ended with the creation of this blog. It will be the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the post! You won’t want to miss it…

Other notable firsts:

* I had never moisturized my face before. Holy crap, what took me so long?!!! IT FEELS AMAZING!!!

* I had never nannied two 1-year-old boys at the same time before. Holy cheddar cheese, Batman…I needed that beer that I had in the shower after that one!! I still love them both very much, however.

* I had never hung out with my cousin Matt’s daughter, Maeve. She’s almost three and I actually COULDN’T have a conversation with her before this weekend. She was SO much fun to play and talk with! Their youngest, Bridey is around one and was also fun to play with but couldn’t talk yet. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say!

* I had never known that blush can go bad. Apparently mine smelled like old lady? Who knew!

* I had never encountered a (possibly) rabid squirrel! A squirrel visited us on Friday afternoon and was NUTS…it was literally doing back flips in the garden and buttercupping off of trees and plants and such. Then it came up to our table and CLIMBED UP ONTO OUR LAPS TO TRY AND GET OUR FOOD!!! Then it attacked my neighbor when she was trying to shoo it away with a broom. Needless to say, my closest neighbors and us have been very weary of squirrels for the past few days!


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