I played Roulette!

I headed out to the casino on Friday night to meet up with a few girls that I used to hostess with at Michael Jordan’s Steak House in Mohegan Sun. I worked there the year before I moved to Hawaii, and then the following summer (after my first year of my first round of grad school).

We had a great night catching up and laughing about the ridiculous stories that took place during that year. Most of the ones that were my favorite to tell are the ones of my attempt to learn how to walk in heels and dress myself appropriately for a fine-dining establishment (whaddya mean I can’t wear sneakers and a t-shirt to work??! How do I put makeup on my face without poking my eye out?!) We also had a good laugh over many of my ridiculous escapades from this past year, including grassy knolls and the ridiculousness of middle schoolers.

I’m so lucky to still have these ladies in my life!

(taken from J’s camera)

Before we went out, I realized that I’m not a huge gambler; normally I’ll put $20 into a slot machine, and come out either 34 cents richer or be out $20. I wanted to try something new, and decided on Roulette.

I had NO idea how to play! I understood the whole red-black picking idea, but what about all the other rules?

We found a $5 table (after running into many $25 ones…waaay out of my price range!) I wanted to get $20 worth of chips. The dealer was an older Chinese lady who refused to take my money twice. The first time was because I was too close to the wheel (apparently they put up a plastic divider to let you know this. Oops!) After moving over two inches to the right, she shook her head again, this time because I was trying to hand her $20. (Apparently you’re supposed to put it down on the table and slide it over. Oops!). After giving me $20 worth of chips, she again shook her head. (Apparently you can’t put your purse down on the table. Oops!) At least she was laughing the whole time.

The other players at the table were very nice and helpful, explaining to me how, when, and where to place different chips. I won 3:1 odds on the first roll, but then lost all $20 over the next 4 spins. Cell phones aren’t allowed by the tables, but Alyse snapped this one as I was leaving it. This was after I lost my hard-earned money!!


I’m glad I did this one, but I’ll probably wait another few years to build up another $20 that is losable!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never watched any part of shark week! Kristen and I stayed up to watch a documentary about how sharks can behave like serial killers. I found their argument to be weak and ineffective. Also, the narrator sounded like a smoked-out Keanu Reeves and it really bothered me.

* I had never attempted HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in real life. The idea behind this cardio method is to run all-out-at-the-top-speed-you-can for 30 seconds, and then walk for 90 seconds. Repeat this process over between 8-12 times. I do this at the gym on the elliptical, but I had never attempted to do it while running on a road. My heart beat WAAAAY faster!

*I had never drank moonshine made in Connecticut. The last moonshine I drank was the stuff my amazing roommate, Alec, made/brewed/distilled in Hawaii. It made me miss him profusely.

* I had never read/seen the most creative blog/experiment/idea ever. Two friends with different dating issues decided to date for 40 days and see if they could help the other one understand their issues better. Not only is it AMAZING, but they’re both graphic designers and it’s super creative to look at. I was so impressed with the idea and the candidness with which they report everything, I sent them an e-mail to thank them for doing it. She wrote back and was happy that I was able to make a personal connection with it. The girl is JUST. LIKE. ME., and reading the boy’s views have shown me that there are a lot of things in past relationships that I took the blame for, when they really had nothing to do with me at all. They went through the 40 days this past spring, but they didn’t post their thoughts on day one until the experiment had ended. They post one day at a time, Mon-Fri. They are up to Day 31 or 32, so there are still two more weeks to read. It’s amazing. Go to http://www.fortydaysofdating.com, but beware it’s addicting!!!

* I had never heard of the band the Oh! Hello’s. My brother posted a song on my facebook page and I became immediately obsessed and rampaged their YouTube playlist for an hour. While I appreciate every genre of music (including all the ones y’all hate), my personal favorite to listen to is folksy male singer-songwriters who write poetic lyrics. This brother-sister duo writes really beautiful lyrics and create layered tracks with a wide range of voices. I really like their sound.
Here are my two favorites, hope you like them, too!:

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