I went tubing down the Farmington River!

Today was super fun! Heather, Dante, Emily and I all went tubing down the Farmington River. You start at one part of the river, traverse a few little rapids (that can TOTALLY hit your butt if you’re not careful!!), and then end further down the river, between 1 1/2 hours – 2 1/2 hours later (depending on the current and tides).

Heather had a great underwater camera that she let me borrow to capture some fun moments.

Before we hopped in (Dante’s face is priceless):


Me attempting to take a selfie, but failing miserably:


One of them floating in the water:


Me on the bus that drove us back to our car. Notice Heather’s FANNY PACK!! that I’m wearing which helped me hold onto the camera for the duration of the ride:


Other notable firsts:

* I had never caught a grasshopper in a bathroom and released it into the wild!! This green friend was waiting for me when I got out of the shower on Thursday!


* I had never been to Fort Griswold, and I suppose I had never watched the sunrise from there, either. I went to bed at 7:30am on Saturday morning….helloooo, early 20s?!! (it was a really fun night though! it was capped off by running through the grass singing “the hiiiiiiills are aliiiiiiive….” on the walk back.)


* I had never been to trivia at Margarita’s in Mystic. SUUUUPER fun and it was great to see Kevin after many non-Kevin-filled weeks.

* I had never had a “fancy casino night” with Christine, and I had never seen the pool that is in Mohegan Sun’s hotel (Christine works there). It was awesome and we had a great bartender named Commis who was hilarious.

* I had never read a fashion magazine cover to cover before. Elle magazine was interesting (no seriously!) Fashion is art, and it was beautiful to look at some of the strange crap that they put on models. Some of it I really didn’t understand, but I thought many pieces were lovely.

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