I lit a firework!

What’s the difference between a firework and a firecracker? I googled it, but it’s still unclear.

At any rate, I lit one of them!

Yesterday, I headed over to Dante’s friend’s house. Andy has a BBQ many nights of the week during the summer, and a large one was yesterday to celebrate “firework night” of Sailfest. Apparently one can show their “from-the-other-side-of-the-river-ness” by calling it Sailfest instead of “firework night.” Whoops, my b. I will never make that mistake again!

Heather was a great videographer and captured my first lighting. Dante’s awesome friend, Louis, gave me great directions, which you’ll hear for the first 20 seconds of the video. Louis’s equally awesome girlfriend, Emily, was a great celebrator of my lighting!!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never been to Sailfest before.

* I had never been on the Groton side of the fireworks that are lit on the Thames River. It was ridiculously foggy, so this is what we saw for most of the night:


* I had never heard of 180 degree pushups. This is where a person pops up as if they were doing one of those clapping pushups, but instead rotates their body 180 degrees so their head ends up where their feet were before. Dante can get to about 120 degrees. I attempted and landed on my back. I suppose that’s my own version of 180 degrees??!!

* I had never tried Jack Daniels with honey in it. Tasty!

* I had never hit a bird with my car while it was flying in mid-air! It just wasn’t flying fast enough and it hit my front hood and then went off to the side. I felt terrible for 10 minutes!

* I had never known that ee cummings wrote novels…I had only known his poetry. Imagine my surprise when I found a novel in our bookcase!

* I had never gotten food poisoning in America. The last time I got food poisoning was in India, and I always said that I wouldn’t care if it happened again in America because I’d have access to a toilet. I was right…those porcelain thrones are AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! Bring on the food poisoning–nothing will ever be as bad as those ridiculous nights in India!

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