I made an apple pie from scratch!

To celebrate our great country’s birthday, I decided to make the most American thing that I could think of – an apple pie. (Pretty silly that this comes a week after my band camp post, no??!)

Kristen had an awesome pie dish with an apple pie recipe printed on its bottom:

apple pie dish

I was supposed to roll it out with a rolling pin, but we couldn’t find it. A wine bottle is the perfect substitute!

wine bottle

I filled in the pie with apples and spices. This is where my baking skills lack. I’m a great cook…I never measure things and simply eyeball or taste test everything I make. But baking is so precise! Did I measure any of the nutmeg or cinnamon? Heck no!!! Oops???

apple pie no top

This is how the pie looked after coming out of the oven:

done apple pie

We also huh-whipped up some huh-whipped cream from scratch to put on top!

Whipped cream

How’d it come out? Welll…..not bad for a first-timer! The filling was gooey and warm and sweet like everything you’d think apple pie should be like. The crust was the weakest link of the pie. The recipe didn’t really make enough for me to overlap the edges of the top and bottom, and it was flaky and hard to work with. The hard part about baking is that I do it so infrequently, so I don’t know remedies for fixing things. When I cook I can think to myself “adjust this, adjust that…” But I don’t know how to fix the crust for next time. Mehhhh!!!! I like experimenting, so hopefully I’ll do better next time.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never nannied for a one-year-old!!

JP was my nannying charge in the fall, and it worked out that I can nanny again for him (and thus spend time with one of my best friends and her awesome husband!). He was like a whole new person when I started on Monday! Definitely more hands-on, but so fun and curious about the world around him. A kindred spirit, I’d say! Here’s one of him driving a car in the living room. Sorry mom and dad!!!

JP car

* I had never eaten cereal with a fork.

We ran out of spoons one morning! It was actually totally fine; the fork was able to hold many pieces of cereal and I never noticed the difference!

cereal with fork

* I had never seen a fruit basket made out of watermelon! I think I saw a few of these floating around on facebook, so maybe it was featured on pinterest one day? I do not know such things. Anywho, Kristen and Mike’s sister-in-law, Amy, made this one. It was awesome!

fruit basket watermelon<

* I had never read something that so perfectly described the ridiculous coping mechanisms one with ADD must practice to function in society without medication. This is my life! (without the yoga….but it DOES make an excellent case for yoga helping me out…)


* I had never read "Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart," by Gordon Livingston. Just something that I really, really needed to read right now.

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