I held a duck! (Among many other things at Laurel Music Camp….)

So I just spent a week in the woods with my beautiful music family. Laurel Music Camp (LMC) is so much more than simply “band camp,” (which is what I often call it to amuse friends/family)– it’s an entire world devoted to acceptance, tolerance, and fellowship through music. It’s much like music itself. Have you ever realized that music only exists in the amount of time that it is actually being performed? Someone handing you sheet music is not handing you “music”– they’re handing you the vehicle through which you create music. The music itself only lasts for the duration of its performance. Music is so different from other art forms; a canvas is always there…a short story is always on a page. A little piece of LMC is kept alive in each of us throughout the year, and is actually created – “performed,” if you will – when we come together for that one week to create and experience the magic that is LMC.

This year, I was head-under-water deep in homework. Camp fell during my last week of the trimester, so I felt way more absent than most years. However, because I felt an urge to connect with campers (besides housing them/providing tent numbers), it did give me an opportunity to become more outgoing at meals, as these were the only times that I wasn’t doing work!

So without further ado, here are all my new firsts for this week:

* I had never held a duck before!

T.J. (an awesome commissioner on the Boy Scout staff) asked if I wanted to hold a duck. Of COURSE I agreed. I then passed it to Keenan, who dropped it, and T.J., Mac, and I spent 10 minutes trying to corral it again. Hilarious.

I asked Kyle if he wanted to hold it. His face will tell his you reply.


* I had never had a “schtick” for making announcements.

We all know the infamous announcement-schticks from the past–Josh’s “This is God,” Kyle S.’s long, drawn-out sighs– where you know what the delivery style will be like before they get up there. I had an idea in my head of how to deliver/act out the duck story, and I had a perfect partner-in-crime in Kyle H. If anyone has any videos of one, let me know!

Here’s one of us actually making an announcement:

Karla Pic

Here’s one of us in all of our glory at the staff after-party (Holy Schnikes, batman! I had no idea how tall my heels were!!)

Kyle and I

* I had never been in a Stunt Night Filler!

I suppose that technically me being in the Glenister’s filler before this one is my real first, but this is one that I designed/put together. It showcased my second “schtick” that was somehow formed by accident. My easily-distracted-by-shiny-things problem was exploited, hahaha. Here, staffers took full advantage of my distractability.

* I had never been featured in the “Proud to be a Camper” skit!

Listen, this is HUGE for a senior staffer to be singled out/mentioned by name. I’ve been waiting my whole Senior Staff life to be worked into the skit somehow. I was played by Dani, a first year camper who just graduated high school. It is my GOAL to get her back for a follow-up camper year. She was awesome fun at the dance!

Dani and I

* I had never given money to a camper to buy an ice cream/I had never heard unreleased tracks by Ke$ha before.

One of my trimester-long assignments was to design a unit plan that worked pop culture and technology into it. This was for a class called “Teaching the Millenial Student.” We had to create a resource list, a final project, a rubric for the final project, a rationale for the unit, and write one lesson plan that would be used in the unit. As I was spacing out in the grove one day, trying to figure out what to use for my lesson plan, I overheard a camper talking to a JC about some unreleased Ke$ha songs that he had heard. He wanted to create his own research assignment to figure out why these songs weren’t released; they were so unlike any of her other songs for which she’s known. I turned around (admitting that I had, in fact, been totally creeping on their conversation) and asked him some questions and where to look for resources.

Go visit this site, and scroll down until you get to the clip entitled “Goodbye.” Your mind will be BLOWN.


This conversation (and idea for a lesson plan) confirmed that the things that I want my students to study/learn are relevant to students today. It makes me feel like I’m on the right track in planning my future lessons, and that I’ll be able to someday make a difference in students’ lives.

To thank Braz for his ideas (and not being totally weirded out that I was stalking his convos), I gave him $1.50 to buy an ice cream at the Trading Post. He had a big year at camp this year; he also won the choir award. He has a pretty bright future ahead of him, I’d say!!

Braz and I

* I had never learned how to play a D chord on the guitar! This was Heidi’s very enthusiastic way of finally working her way onto this blog 🙂


* I had never played a didgerydoo before!


Brian, a first-year JC, gave me an excellent tutorial on how to play this amazing instrument! I was terrible on the first try, but the tuba reference really helped clarify.

* I had never renamed a song before!

This one was just silly. Nathan and I were looking through Kimmie’s “Aida” songbook when he started giggling at the original title. We decided to rename it. Don’t forget to check out the descriptive words.



* I had never flown a quad-copter before!

Steve brought one to camp and asked if I’d like to try. Absolutely!!! It was terrifying….I felt like I had no control. I actually didn’t, and Karla almost died:

* I had never parked in a principal’s parking spot before!! I’M SO IMPORTANT!!!!


* I had never kissed a camper’s cheek after the camp sang “Happy Birthday” to him! (This also coincided with attempting give a high-five to Jenn and failing miserably).

* I had never slept over the Glenister’s house! Bridget, Nathan, and I were supposed to head home after the party on Friday, but ended up too tired to make it, so we slept at the Glenister’s. It was amazing. Subsequently, I had never met Joel, the youngest Glenister who should be making his first appearance at camp next year. We are all very excited!!

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2 Responses to I held a duck! (Among many other things at Laurel Music Camp….)

  1. pinto1247 says:

    from the looks of it, it don’t look like you need lessons in how to have FUN.


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