I TP’d the middle school!

Don’t worry, I totally had permission!

Here’s how it all began. I was covering a homeroom for a 7th grade language teacher when one of my favorite students picked up a roll of paper towels and asked “Miss Daly…do you think if I threw this down the hallway, and it unraveled, it would cover the entire school?” I told him that I wasn’t sure and asked him what he thought…I remembered observing a math class that he was in a month or two ago, and they were learning how to estimate. He said he didn’t know either and asked if he could go kick it down the hallway. I said no, but only because there were students in the hallway and the principal would probably be mad that we weren’t using school resources appropriately. He seemed disappointed, but understood.

A few minutes after the bell rang, I was walking down the hallway with his math teacher, also a UNH grad, and told her about my conversation with him. She said she was surprised, as he never shows interest in math and has a low grade. Instantly, I knew I had to do something about this.

So I went to the principal and told him my plan, and asked if it was OK to go ahead with it, as long as we didn’t use any school resources. He said absolutely and told me that he would even pay me back for whatever supplies I needed.

I think I might have skipped out of his office. The custodians and police force helped me measure the school (I think they were just as interested in the project as I was!).

So I ran out to Wal-mart during my lunch break, jotted down some information, and then made up the assignment and scarfed lunch down in 15 minutes. I ran out to catch him towards the end of recess and gave him his assignment:


I told him that we had gotten permission from the principal and we could totally do it! His face was TOTALLY LIT UP!!!! Such an amazing feeling. He and a friend stayed after school that same day to get started on the calculations.

We settled on two 4 packs of TP, and estimated it would take 5.6 rolls to cover the school. It ended up being 6.1, but we were OK with it because a lot of our lines were wavy and not perfectly straight. The dots that they made along the route that they picked were almost right on the money. The boys were super happy that they got to TP the school, and I was super happy that they finished math in order to get there.

All of the TP was placed in the 4th grade compost bin when we were done.




Other notable firsts:

* I had never been to Brownstone Quarry before! It’s a super cool sports adventure themed park in Portland. The 7th grade asked me to be another chaperone on the trip, and of COURSE I said yes. The park is in a quarry that used to be a landfill that they flooded a few years ago. There are ziplines, rope swings, cliff jumps, log rolls, icebergs, and a billion and one other fun water-based activities. The coolest part about it is that you can’t just wait in line; you have to climb or swing or go through some obstacle to get to the activity. Amazing!

* Subsequently, I had never gone ziplining before. SUPER FUNNNNN! It was slightly terrifying since it was so high up, but well worth the fun.

* I had never been featured in a school paper before! This was a picture taken from the day that I Irish step danced at the principal’s retirement gathering. I’m blocking out the students’ faces and names because I’m pretty sure that I legally have to.

Picture 8

* I had never chaperoned a middle school dance before! The 8th graders had their formal dance on Friday night. I only went to two dances in my life; the formal in 8th grade and the senior prom. I thought it was going to be super awkward like the one middle school dance that I went to, and it was a bit at the beginning, but overall it wasn’t that bad! The middle school puts on a Swing Dance every February for the 6, 7, and 8 grades as part of a unit in gym class. So, the students are used to dancing with one another, and even (oddly) know how to randomly cut in on a dance. I was only going to stay for a half hour because I have so much homework to do, but I ended up staying for almost the whole time. It was so nice to see the kids outside of the classroom and having a blast. It was also strange to see all the couples that I never knew existed!

Here’s the outfit I chose to wear. (I had no idea what chaperones are supposed to wear!)


I’m taking next week off from posting because I’ll be at LAUREL MUSIC CAMP!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my week of feeling like I’m home. I’ll be doing non-stop homework, but at least it’ll be there. See y’all in two weeks!

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