I played my bassoon on the beach!

Listen, my bassoon has been through a few things. I have a penchant for losing it or leaving it in closets. Once, I….”misplaced”…it for a year and it ended up being in my brother’s closet (still don’t know who put it there…). When I left Hawaii, I left it in my apartment’s closet. Last month, it traveled back in a harrowing journey with my cousin.

To celebrate the triumphant return of my bassoon to the mainland, I decided to give it a whirl. I realized that I had never played it on the beach before, so off my brother and I went to make a dream become reality.


I sounded TERRIBLE. I haven’t bought a reed in 3 years, and the best one that I found in there was really, really terrible. I would describe the sound as a dying cow trying to give birth to a blue whale.


Laura and Jon decided to take a walk down the pier when we were in the middle of these shenanigans. Immediately, Laura deduced that it was for the blog. Glad to know my weirdness is just purely accepted now!

The cool thing about this is that my bassoon case has a cool bumper sticker, like guitarists get when they travel to different places:


Other notable firsts:

* I had never seen Sara Bareilles’s cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow.” It was lovely.

* I had never been given an idea for another blog. It could also be a twitter feed apparently. Emily gave me a great idea to start a blog detailing all of the terrible things that I say to boys that should remain inside thoughts. Trust me, there are millions. If I had a dollar for all the stupid, quirky things I’ve said recently that should never have been let loose from my mind, I’d be a millionaire.

* I had never bought a bathing suit top with an underwire. That was WAY past due!

* I had never heard of goalball. I read about this in my human development class. It’s an amazing game designed for blind athletes. There’s a ball with bells inside of it, and athletes must stop it from going into their nets. It’s amazing!

* I had never blown a blade of grass! Dante showed me how and it tickled my lips TERRIBLY and I hated the feeling. Way worse than a trumpet.

* I had never proctered the SATs! I was terrifyingly nervous, but when I saw how nervous the students were, I immediately calmed down. We all got through it alright! I would definitely do it again.

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