I taught class in a sari!

So the sixth graders are studying ancient India in their social studies class. I begged their teacher (also a UNH graduate!) to let me teach a class which I could use as an observation visit from my supervisor. She agreed and gave me their textbook so that I could figure out what my lesson would be on.

I decided to have the students compare and contrast modern India and ancient India, and use my pictures and videos from my trip as a resource. I wore a sari (which I borrowed from my awesome friend Amy!!!), and used it as my initiation; I asked the students if what I was wearing was representative of modern India, ancient India, or both. Then I broke broke them up into four groups, and each group visited one of four stations at a time. Each station focused on one of four categories…transportation, religion, female life, and social customs, and had between 5-8 photos from my trip. The students tried to categorize the pictures into ancient or modern India, or both. They had a blast and loved my videos!

I did a pretty good job of tucking/pleating it, but I forgot one more wrap around before throwing it over my shoulder. Crapskies! Better luck next time.


It was also a nice reminder why I’m in this program. Sometimes it’s really hard to remember that I’ll get to be a teacher at the end of it….being a sub SUCKS. I babysit kids and try desperately to make them do work that I have neither designed nor really care about. But even the trouble making boys were engaged and sitting quietly during this lesson. It felt good to be in control of a classroom again. And to be able to talk about something that I love. Hopefully that feeling will get me through the rest of the year!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never seen/eaten/heard of fiddleheads! My dad cooked them on Wednesday. They’re essentially just a green veggie that look like fiddleheads! So cool!


* I had never been deemed “Princess” of anything! After my India lesson on Thursday, I was in sixth grade L.A. on Friday. The students asked where my exotic outfit was, and I told them that I was fresh out. So they deemed me “Princess of Wordly Wise,” made me a crown, and made a sign for me to wear around my neck:



I got lots of bows throughout the day!

* I had never been drawn by a student before. This was done by a fifth grader in art class. They were learning how to draw human faces, and this was her rendition of me. Note the nose ring and the hair piled on top of my head. Also the startling resemblance to a weird caveman. Hilarious!


* I had never played volleyball in an impromptu faculty vs. student volleyball game. I was getting ready to leave school on Friday when the 8th grade spanish teacher who I look up to as a mentor passed me with a few students in the hallway. He said they were playing a game and asked if I wanted to join in, so of COURSE I said yes! I was TERRIBLE!!!!! There were 5 faculty (I was the only female, surrounded by 4 JOCKS) vs. 6 8th graders. I got a couple of good serves in, so that was my contribution to the team (besides constantly hitting balls out of bounds, into the net, and just not hitting them!) But it was amazing to interact with students outside of class though, especially the boys. Because……

* I had never seen the documentary “Raising Cain,” which looks at just how school is not designed for boys. I find myself constantly harking on the boys in classrooms because they just can’t f*ing sit still! All they want to do is beat the crap out of eachother and annoy the piss out of their classmates!! It was nice to see 3 of the 8th grade boys in an environment that was fun for them.

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