I used baking soda as deodorant!

One of my cohort members gave a great presentation a few weeks ago in our human development course about the dangers of chemicals around our students and children. She talked about perfumes and soaps and dyes and then all of the environmental things like pollen and mold and structural things like espestos. She mentioned that most deodorants have aluminum in them, which can lead to cancer. She told us how she uses baking soda as a natural deodorant. At the end of the class, my classmates had come to a consensus that “this will probably end up on Cait’s blog.”


So how’d it turn out?

Well……I think I may have to return to this endeavor in the future. The only baking soda that we had in the house was this stuff:


This box is supposed to absorb smells from the fridge, making it smell better and keep the food fresher for longer. So the good news is that it was confirmation that baking soda was a great absorber of smells. The bad news was I had no idea how long it had been in the fridge and how much (if any??) turkey clubs, brussel sprouts, and tuna fish smells it had absorbed!!!

When I was at rest, it worked well. But when I checked during my hike, it wasn’t doing as well. And when I checked this morning?


Yep, definitely have smelled better smells. Mehhhhh! On the plus side, it didn’t smell as bad as India…

Anywho, I am definitely willing to give it another shot in the future. I might have used too much water in the mix, or perhaps fresh baking soda really would make a difference. Only another try will tell.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never gone hiking in CT before! Dante, Heather, and I all headed over to Bluff Point in Groton for a quick loop around the trail. It had little offshoots and you could explore nearby beaches during the hike. Lots of awesomeness!

* Subsequently, I had never taken one of these pictures, where the person catches you in a mid-air pose. After rendering Dante’s phone incapable, Heather’s phone captured this shot on the second try.


* I had never been part of a flash mob! We had a full-school assembly for our principal who is retiring at the end of this year after 23 years of being OSMS’s principal. The staff put together a flash mob that interrupted the 8th grade officers’ speechers during the second half. It was pretty fun! The kids didn’t even realize it was a flash mob hahaha

* I had never Irish step danced in front of an entire school before! The principal is super into his Irish heritage, so the assistant principal (who threw everything together) asked if there were any other Irish dancers besides myself in the school. There are 3 six grade girls who dance, and 2 were interested in dancing at the assembly. We started off the WHOLE thing and at the end had 700 people cheering for us. It was pretty exhilerating!!!

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