I drank a slurpee!

I mentioned this to some of my cohort members a week or two ago and most were amazed. So after a mother’s day brunch, my brother and I headed out to our closest 7 Eleven to indulge in this pop culture treat. I would have been LOST without him!


So many choices! And how the heck do you work the machine?! Luckily, my little broham provided excellent guidance. I chose banana (which he was pretty pissed about…”who gets BANANA??!!!!”)


As a result, I also experienced my first slurpee brain freeze as well. YOUCH!!!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never visited a live construction site! I got to go on the 8th grade field trip to the Quinnipiac Bridge construction site in New Haven on Tuesday!!! We got to tour the construction in progress, meet with the engineers, and learn about all of the different people that help to design, plan, and build it. Hard hats required!!


* I had never gone to the Black Sheep for Mother’s Day brunch. It was my first mother’s day that I was able to spend with my mom in 5 years. It was a pretty great day 🙂


* I had never attended a concert at Old Saybrook Middle School! I got to watch my 7th and 8th graders perform in a band and chorus concert. They were FANTASTIC!

* I had never bought one of those rubber wrist band thingies for a good cause (like those Livestrong bracelets?) The 6th graders were selling blue ones for ocular melanoma at the concert.

* I had never been able to attend an Laurel Music Camp senior staff meeting in the month of May before!!! HOORAYYYYY!!!!!

* I had never read this Thoreau quote: “Nothing can be more useful to a man than the determination not to be hurried.” I really needed that this week.

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