I changed my own oil! (almost-sorta….)

So after I house/pet-sat for Mike and Lex in January, I really needed an oil change and wanted to learn how to do it myself. Mike offered to help out the next time that I needed one. 4,000 miles later, I took him up on the offer!

Unfortunately, literally EVERYTHING that could go wrong did! Because I took it to an economy place, they used power tools to screw the nut in, meaning it was pretty much impossible to undo it by hand. So Mike had to go out and buy a ratchet set to get it undone, which he assured me that he needed anyways.

So now the nut is undone and the oil is draining. We realize that I’ve purchased an AIR filter instead of an OIL filter, so we have to go return that. When we get back, we try to unscrew the old oil filter, but there was no grip on it! Lex went out to buy a tool that wraps around the oil filter, but when she came back, we realized it was too big, but it was the smallest one that the store owned!

So we decided to put in new oil, but keep the old oil filter in until next weekend when we can go back with the proper filter tool.

Next, I had to pour in the new oil, and Mike told us to make sure to check the oil level. Of course, neither Lex nor I heard him say this, so I ended up pouring in 4 quarts. Mike came back out to check the oil level and it was WAAAAY too high, so we had to drain a bit more, perfectly good, oil out to get it down to a normal level.

WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!

HUUUUUGE props to Mike for keeping it together when everything and its mom went wrong. He will be warmly compensated next weekend with a six pack and a few more bottles of oil, for sure!

Showing off the tools needed for an oil change:

Jacking up the car:

Mike giving me my first tour of the underside of my car:

Pouring in WAAAY too much oil:

Other notable firsts:
* I had never been a student in a class that my mom taught. She came into my Tuesday night class to talk about her experiences being an educational surrogate. The class finally got to see where I came from and why I am the way I am haha. It was actually sort of cool to see how much knowledge she’s accrued over her career.

* I had never analyzed Bon Iver lyrics as poetry. He’s amazing. When you really pick apart his lyrics, your mind will be blown. So beautiful. I can’t listen to “Skinny Love” or “re: stacks” the same way again.

* I had never had to create an animoto. I had to make one for my millenial class. It came out pretty cheesy, but whatev!


* I had never taught a drama class. I had to fill in for the paraprofessional who normally runs it this past Friday. For two and a half hours, I was in charge of teaching six 4-5th grade girls how to act. Uhhhhhhhhhh…….it actually didn’t go as bad as I thought it would!

* I had never walked on Mitchell College’s little private beach. Heather and I checked it out after Thursday’s class. It was so nice and sandy with hardly any rocks.


* I had never spray painted anything! Lex let me spray her craft that she was making. It was CHALKBOARD PAINT!!!!!! SO COOL!!!!!


and then I literally watched paint dry:


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