I ate/cooked rhubarb!

A few different ideas that I had fell through this weekend, so I do what I always do when this happens: I head to the grocery store. There are usually a few things that I walk past that catch my attention and make me think “What IS that?!”

Today was no exception. As I walked through the fruit/veggies aisle, I walked past some red celery. I immediately backed up to investigate. That’s when I realized it was rhubarb! I didn’t even know that rhubarb was a vegetable! I thought it was some sort of spice that bakers put in pies!


I went home, cleaned it and cut off the ends and took a bite.


It tasted SUPER bitter and had that stringy consistency of celery that I hate. So a quick google search gave me a few different ideas, and I combined some to make my own recipe:

1. Dump in some orange juice, vanilla extract, and sugar.


2. Boil the crap out of it until it sort of dissolves.


3. Wait til it cools then spoon some over vanilla ice cream.

This was SO DELICIOUS that I forgot to take a picture before I ate it all. Whoops. But seriously, SO GOOD!!!

Rhubarb is also ridiculously cheap…I got that huge package for less than $2.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never read a book on a kindle before. It sucked. I like books better.

* I had never went to a happy hour at the Black Sheep before. Both the price and the company were great.

* I had never eaten at Aspen, a nice restaurant in Old Saybrook (it was Mom’s birthday!)

* I had never played cards in the back of a pickup truck before. It was a great idea, but a bit hard on the body!

* I had never understood why the area of a triangle is BxH/2. I observed a 6th grade math class this week and saw them come up with the reason why (two triangles fit into a square/rectangle. the area is BxH, so you divide by 2 to get the triangle’s area. Whoooooa)

* I had never seen King’s Bakery sweet bread sold on the mainland!! This one made my heart happy and I’m pretty sure that I may or may not have broken into a happy dance right in front of the stand.


Quote of the week:
4th grade student: Miss Daly, are you single?
Me: Yep!
Student: Why does nobody want to date you?
Me (laughing hysterically): Not sure honey! But it’s OK to be single! You get to have lots of fun! It’s cool!
Student: No…..it’s not. (Walks away)

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