I had an April vacation…as a teacher!

I did SO MANY new things this week that I couldn’t pick one to highlight. I realized that I couldn’t have done all these things unless I was on April break, and then realized that I had never had an April break as a teacher (or had had one in over 10 years! craaaazy!) I still had my UNH night classes, but my internship/daytime classes were on break. I probably should have used this time to get ahead in the classes, but I decided to take a VERY much-needed personal week (mostly) off.

Here are the many notable things that I did for the first time this week:

* I had never made an ice cream cake!

I made this at Kristen’s house in New Jersey. My mom pawned this old Betty Crocker set off on her, and so we decided to test it out. Basically, there’s a tin that hollows out a cake, and a bottom tin that makes a thin cake used for the base. We made a chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Even though the cake to ice cream ration was pretty skewed towards the cake, it was still delish.



We wanted to sprinkle a little cocoa powder onto the frosting using star wars templates, but the detail was a bit…..off…..


* I had never visited the Mark Twain house!
I headed up there last Wednesday with two cohort members, Dante and Heather. SUPER FUN!!!


I got pretty comfy while I was there:
twain house

My favorite quote on the wall:

Me standing next to a LEGO STATUE!!!!

* I had never attempted to cook lobster tails before. I overcooked the CRAP out of them!!! But there wasn’t a lot of light to see them in, so I’m cutting myself a bit of slack. They were delicious anyways!


* I had never had Mary Kay products on my face before. Thanks to Kim for stopping by. Nathan also stopped by to see the entertainment. I told him I was getting my face painted, and I think he thought I was going to look like a leopard by the time he got there…


* I had never eaten fried pickles before. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!

* I had never drank before a UNH class before. Best. Idea. Everrrrrr.

* I had never tried on a sari and attempted to tuck/pleat it. I sucked, and will need practice for the future.

* I had never downloaded/used the Snap Chat app. HYSTERICAL!! This will get me in trouble sometime soon, fo’ sho’.

* I had never forgotten to bring cash over the Tapan Zee bridge before. I realized I didn’t have any RIGHT when I crossed over onto the bridge. So I made a very long line behind me at the toll booth. CRAPSKIES!!! I have also done this in Boston and over the GW bridge as well, sooooo I should probably pay this one. They have a nice feature now, where I can call them and use an automated system to pay the toll with my card. How exciting!

* I had never been able to resist any stage of a 3 am Mike Holohan pep talk. While I still stayed up until 3:30 and was forced to take a shot, I DID say no to his persistent demands that I get a beer. The whole conversation makes me laugh hysterically and also makes me very proud of myself hahaha.

One other notable that I forgot to include in last week’s post:
* I had never learned how to make single dollar bills “rain” before. My bills weren’t crisp enough, but I sure got the general technique down!

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