I made a (SWEET!) obstacle course in my yard!

So I was trying to get an epic “first” set up for this week, but it didn’t pan out. As I sat pondering what to do yesterday, I looked outside at the expansive yard and happily thought that it’s getting warmer out and that I’ll get more opportunities to play outside (yes, I haven’t outgrown playtime!) Then my head turned 90 degrees to the left and I saw the pineapple pillows that are on our living room couch. I immediately envisioned them as pineapple bombs being thrown at me, and thought about the rasta-banana that my brother won at a fair last year and how fun it would be to ward off the “bombs” with the banana bat. And then it dawned on me…I could TOTALLY hit those pineapple bombs in the big yard outside! It was certainly warm enough to hang out for a bit outside without worrying about frostbite afterall!

As I walked outside, I passed a watering can and really felt the urge to kick it. And that’s when one of my most brilliant ideas that I’ve ever had was formed: I was going to build an awesome obstacle course for myself in the yard, using a bunch of things that I found in our garage and storage space. It took me about an hour to design, but it was awesome and amazing and fun and totally worth the wait to run through it.

Here’s a picture of the course right before I ran it:


And here’s the video of me running the sweetest course ever made! Big props to my friend Jess for filming it and Mom for throwing those bombs! (Mom’s commentary might be the funniest part of this.)

Other notable firsts:

* I had never hung out in a car trunk before. This occurred while waiting for the last member of our cohort to show up for a carpool to a New Haven class. It was actually extremely comfortable.

* I had never signed up for Google+ before. I’m still scratching my head over what it actually is.

* I had never sent students to the principal’s office before. I still have mixed feelings on this.

* I had never had a manhattan before. A delicious whiskey drink!

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