I went to the World Championships of Irish Dance! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I did something that thousands of Irish dancers might never get the chance to see….the Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne (aka World Championships of Irish Dance to all of you Gaelic n00bs).

It was only the second time in its entire history that this took place outside the UK. They started in Boston last Sunday, the 24th, and closed today. I drove up on Friday to watch the senior ladies dance (ladies 21+). It was AMAAAAZING to see this level of talent!!!!!! I was like a kid in a candy store. These ladies are like my professional athletes. I was going down an escalator and realized that I was standing in front of CIARA SEXTON, who won the championships like 920875243 years in a row and has her own shoe design and tours with Lord of the Dance. I got to watch Claire Greaney’s amazing set dance, where she spun around on like ONE TOE.


You’re not allowed to take pics or videos of any of the dances, so I snapped this one shot of an empty stage:


These are the top 5 senior ladies:

world champs

And here are the senior lady and men’s champions (people always sneak videos of the dancers during their parade at the end!):

AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!! So amazed at the technique they have. Siiiiiigh….one day! 🙂

Other notable firsts:
* I had never used a loofah!

* I had never hung out with Pat DiPaola by himself! Hooray for Boston connections!!

* I had never eaten Ben and Jerry’s for dinner (Chocolate Therapy….best….dinner….everrrrrr)

* I had never heard the original version of “Hurt” (the NIN version). I had only heard the Johnny Cash version. I now like both.

* I had never eaten at the Penny lane Pub in Old Saybrook. Delish!

* I had never drank a “Moscow Mule” drink before. Delightful and tantalizing!!!

* I had never tried elderberry liquor. Disgusting and potent. Ughhhhhh.

* I had never finished a trimester of the most amazingly densely intensive education program of all time! Back to the grind with the new trimester tomorrow….

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