I had a waffle feast!

So a few weeks ago, I explained to a 4th grade class that I tried something new every week, and asked them if they had any suggestions. One girl asked if I had ever eaten ice cream and waffles together, and I replied that I hadn’t. The rest of class reiterated that it was soooooo gooooood, as well as a 4th grade teacher that I later asked later in the day.

Unfortunately, I’ve had $15 in my bank account for a few weeks, so I had to wait until some money found its way into my pocket. The money made from last week’s escapades helped fund this week’s fun.

I realized that I had also never tried chicken and waffles, which is highly touted by many youtube videos. I also had leftovers from last night’s visit to an Indian restaurant, so I decided to have a waffle feast!


On the left, you’ll see my savory chick’n and waffle delicacy, in the middle my sweet and savory Indian concoction, and for dessert on the right is my ice cream and waffle creation. My favorite? Surprisingly, the chick’n and waffle was delish! Fake poultry for the win!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never made a protein shake and taken a multi-vitamin for an ENTIRE WEEK. Last week I realized that I’m barely building muscle at the gym, so I asked my best friend Chris what I should pick up for extra protein….all of the protein powders had pictures of men who looked like Arnold on them….I didn’t want to look like that! I went with this one. I’ll let you know the results if I see any.


* I had never used a laminating machine. SUPER FUN!!!!!!


* I had never watched myth busters.

* I had never learned about the poetic device of anaphora. Exciting!

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