I went Scottish country dancing!

The first weekend in April was always super fun during my time in Honolulu because there was a huge Scottish festival held in Kapiolani park. Haggis was served, games like the caber toss were played, and of course there was plenty of music and dance. It’s also the place where I first ran into what would become Irish Dance Hawaii!

Last night we attended the annual Robert Burns dinner in Norwich. It was supposed to be held last month, but was canceled because of the crazy snowstorm. Robert Burns (another “new thing” for me this week!) is considered by many to be the national poet of Scotland. There are lots of dinners held in his honor around January-February to commemorate his birthday, and most of us know him best for his most famous poem, “Auld Lang Syne.” I read through a few of his poems before the dinner to see what it was all about. It’s quite lovely, but a bit too rhyme-y for me, so I still prefer Yeats (oops, I think my Irish cultural bias is poking through…..)

I didn’t realize it, but the second half of the evening was a huge Scottish country dancing party! Country dancing is different than Highland dancing; it’s sort of like Irish step dancing vs. group ceili dancing. So I grabbed the other three awesome ladies who were with me and headed to the dance floor!

Waiting for our instructions to the Virginia Reel:

Looking extremely confused at the directions to the Virginia Reel:

Lining up for the Virginia Reel:

Dancing amongst the plaid:


Whirling around!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never met Chiara before, Anne’s 17 year old exchange student from Italy. She comes from the dead center of Rome, and lives with Anne in East Nowhere, Ohio. Needless to say, she is SUPER LUCKY to have “Hurricane Anne” as a tour guide for this country!! It was awesome to ask her about the education system in Italy and compare it to what we have here. Fascinating.

* I had never listened to a song from Amy Winehouse’s first album. Still so good.

* I had never taught a planned lesson at my internship. So far, I’ve only subbed and instituted the classroom teacher’s plans. Last Wednesday, I taught a lesson that I designed myself. Thursday, I received the best criticism I could have ever gotten….not in the sense of “wow, what a great job,” but rather “here’s how you could have done better.” It blew my mind and literally changed the way of how I’m looking at education in general and this internship in particular. LOVE lightbulb moments!

* I had never put chocolate syrup on greek yogurt. I think it might become my new dessert?? It might only be for my taste buds, though. I’m gonna channel Reading Rainbow and say “Don’t take MY word for it!”

* I had never attempted to win a radio contest before! Three of my favorite ladies in my teaching cohort and I sat in a car last Monday and all dialed in to win tickets to a country artist that I forget. You needed to be caller 10. I was caller 9. SO CLOSE!!

* I had never tried almond butter before. DELISH!

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