I graffitied on a bathroom wall!

OK, so remember my post a few weeks ago where I had never seen POSITIVE messages written on a bathroom wall before? (Usually it’s along the lines of “hey baby here’s my number….”)

Upon looking at it again this past Wednesday, I realized that I had never written anything on a bathroom wall, ever. And why not make it a positive message??! So I added these words:


“May the beauty you put into the world come back tenfold.”

Hope it brightens someone’s day in the future!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never spent a day watching a feis before! I had helped out at the Shamrock School feis when I was dancing with them in my CCSU days, but I spent almost the whole day in the back room, helping to tabulate the scores. Yesterday, I volunteered at the numbers table, meaning I could watch any of the open champions that I wanted to! The girls were AMAAAAZING!!! It was pretty nice to look down at the dancer list and see names like Dervla, Mairead, Ciara, and Molly all down the page!

My day was spent surrounded by crazy wigs and shiny dresses and little girls hopping everywhere:


Here’s the award ceremony for the 18 & Over ladies, where the Gray school (my new school!) took first and second. These girls are sick-nasty dancers and give me something to shoot for in my life!!


* I had never seen Lex’s photo album with this lovely image from senior year of high school in! Just look at those ill-fitting jeans and bright red streaks in my hair. What a nun-babe.


* I had never gone to bed at 8:43 pm on a Saturday night because I was so tired I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open. Ridiculous!!!

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