I went rock climbing!

Following last week’s confrontation with my fear of heights and the death-defying stunt of climbing a ladder, I decided to continue this trend and try my hand at rock climbing. Luckily, I have a great friend named Andy who is a certified belayer and was willing to hoist my butt up to the top.

It went pretty well! I was able to climb to the top of two walls (I shook heavily on the way down from each, though). I attempted a third wall, but this one was much harder…it was angled outward and had a ledge that you had to sort of pull yourself over. I tried it twice, but freaked out both times when I got to the ledge. Terrifying! You have to be able to trust your arms/hands and know that they’ll keep you up, but I haven’t developed that trust with my limbs yet, apparently. There’s plenty of time in the future! It was very fun and I hope to do it again. The gym also had a slackline and a bouldering wall.

Before my first climb!

Look at that form:

Taking a break on the way down

Other notable firsts:

* I had never driven through all of the stop signs on East Shore Drive before. This is like a right of passage for Black Pointers who stay through the winter! In the summer, you have to come to a complete stop at each stop sign because there are always kids running around. But in the winter, there is nobody ever, and most people just blow right through them. I felt like a dare devil!!!!

* I had never hung out with just Bridget and my parents before. Amazing.

* I had never tried Chive and Shallot cheese. Bad for breath, delicious for taste.

* I had never had a class wide talent show before! One of the fifth graders in the class I was subbing for on Friday suggested that we end our day with one. How could I ever say no??!!! Here was the line up. I Irish step danced for my talent. Other talents included singing the cup/singing song from Pitch Perfect, pretending to faint, doing the Cotton-eyed Joe dance, and letting out an amazing fake fart (that I quickly had to stop before it got out of control, but was SO impressed with!)


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2 Responses to I went rock climbing!

  1. Lila Daly says:

    Reading about your talent show cracks me up! I wish you were my teacher!!


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