I climbed a ladder!

Alright, this might seem ridiculous to some of you. But this was TERRIFYING to me!!! I turn into a little kid when it comes to heights; I want to wrap my body around my mommy’s legs and never let go. The second rung of a ladder is the highest that I’ve ever climbed before today.

I’ve tried to conquer this fear before…I’ve gone skydiving, I’ve tried edging to the end of the balconies of those ridiculously high hotels in Waikiki, and I’ve looked at pictures of those glass lookout towers that they have in high buildings around the world, but the sweating palms, heart-pounding-like-a-train, shaky knees just don’t seem to be able to leave me.

As I looked out the window today at the trees shaking in the big gusts of wind, I thought to myself “Boy am I happy that I’m not up high today!” And then I thought to myself, who am I kidding?! I never want to be up high!! And then I decided challenge myself and go do something with heights.

I figured my mom was going to give me a “HELL NO!” when I told her about what I wanted to do, so I told her to meet me outside in 1 minute. I figured I’d climb the ladder before she came out. But when she still wasn’t out 2 minutes later and I was still perched at the top, hanging on for dear life, trying not to bawl my eyes out from fear, I called her on the phone (yes, still at the top of the ladder)….she was on the house phone!!!! I had to wait another minute for her to get off the phone and when she finally made it out, she snapped a picture and ran back into the house because it was freezing.


You can’t really tell from the way she took the picture, but this ladder was a whopping 15 FEET IN THE AIR!!!!! This was a death-defying stunt for me, and I’m a pretty proud lady right now!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never gone to Hartford’s capital building before. The 4th grade teachers invited me along and I was stoked! This is where the state representatives sit. Very pretty!


* I had never received a Valentine from a student before! I got 2 from some of the 4th grade class that I was assigned to on the field trip.


* I had never written a letter of recommendation for a student before! I had to write one for one of my college kids from UH last year.

* I had never deciphered a cryptogram before!


* I had never bought a hat like this before! I LOVE it!


* I had never read an article that so clearly articulated what I want/need in a man.


* I had never talked to the cute boy from my Wednesday night class. Does it ever get easier to talk to good-looking people??!

* I had never compared a pre-weight loss photo to a post-weight loss photo. An 8th grade earth science teacher has asked me to give a presentation on Hawaiian volcanoes. As I was looking through some old Hawaii photos, I came across one that showed me just how much weight I’ve lost and maintained. I still feel like the girl on the right…I don’t feel any differently or think of myself as skinny, but seeing the photographic proof kind of smacked me in my face.

Picture 9

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