I made a snowman on the beach!

I was asked many times over the weekend if I had bought my return ticket back to Hawaii yet, or if I was missing it, or if I realized that a year ago I would have been sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere instead of shoveling both my family’s driveway and a neighbor’s driveway.

Am I missing the warmth? Well, sure. It was the first few days that I couldn’t turn the space heater in my room on, meaning I slept in 30 degrees instead of my normal 80.

Am I missing the beautiful beaches? I suppose that I’m missing beautiful Hawaiian beaches, but I still get to enjoy the beauty of my favorite beach in the world, Black Point.

The truth is, I felt lucky to be here this weekend. How often do you get to hang out with your family for a few uninterrupted days? Oh sure, I would have preferred basking in the warmth of the sun on our deck in July over shoveling the driveways. And it was definitely too cold for my thinned out Hawaiian blood.

But these are things that make New England, New England. There are both good and bad parts to living anywhere, and you have to take them both in stride. Every morning, I feel punched in the face with the beauty of driving by Niantic Bay at sunrise. I pass idyllic cottages that are nestled together, sometimes with snow capping their roofs and smoke puffing out of their chimnies. Would I have ever gotten to see that in Hawaii? Four months ago, I got to see hills covered in red, orange, and yellow. In another few months, I’ll get to see those same hills and trees turn green as they return to life. Would I have ever gotten to see those sights in Hawaii?

I feel lucky, and grateful, and amazed that I get to see these things. So do I miss Hawaii? Sure. There are things that I would never have gotten to see if I hadn’t moved there. But am I happy that I’m back in Connecticut? Abso-freakin’-lutely. Don’t take for granted all of the beautiful things that surround you, wherever you are.

So with those words out of my system, I realized that it was one of those rare times that there was snow on the beach!!!! How often does someone get to make a snowman on the beach?! So I trolloped over the unplowed side streets of Black Point to see if I could remember how to make one.

Weeeeelllllllllll…….Not quite sure if I remembered correctly. I named her Bertha, because she looked like those “Big Bertha” games at the fairs you go to as a kid??!


When I lay in that spot while tanning in the summer, I’ll be sure to remember my pal Bertha!



Other notable firsts:

* I had never seen POSITIVE messages graffitied on a bathroom stall before!


* I had never had to use a toaster in the bathroom because it was the only plug that worked in the house!


* I had never tapped into the Irish whiskey so early. Note the time portrayed on the clock. Yep.


We finished the Jameson’s 12, and moved onto the king of Irish whiskeys….Midleton.


* I had never gone 4 days without bathing. It’ll be 5 if we don’t get power back tonight!

* I had never seen snow on a beach before. Beautiful, isn’t it?


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