I learned how to moonwalk!

Maybe “attempted to learn how to moonwalk” would be a more appropriate title?!

I’ve always been so impressed with the people who can glide effortlessly across the stage just like MJ himself!! So I watched a YouTube video and tried some things out. There’s still a lot to learn, but I’m pretty proud of the difference between “Take 1” and the last pass! Special thanks to Lex and her words of encouragement (that were mostly beautiful, heartfelt white lies!) and her pup Scout for trying to learn how to moonwalk, too!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never seen an episode of Amish Mafia. The only word that should ever be used to describe this show is RIDICULOUS.

* I had never tried Skinny Girl Margerita. Uhhhhh, yes please.

* I had never had a more perfect fortune cookie:


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