I groomed/bathed a dog!

Amy W. helped me out with this one! Her shar-pei, Puddles, is my goddaughter (dogdaughter??!), and what better way to let a pup know you care than to bathe them, yes?!

First step was to furminate! (Remove all that excess hair that she wants to shed):



Next step was to bathe! This step was not as fun for her, as you can tell by her faces….



SOOOO not amused!


Next comes towel-time:


And now we are a happy pup-pup again!!!


Other notable firsts:
* I had never house-sat/puppy-sat before! (This is Scout…isn’t he handsome?!):


* On that note, I had never seen a beagle chase after a possum before…I thought my right arm was going to get ripped from its socket!!!

* I had never taken airborne before. Not sure if it makes things any better, but it seems to hold it somewhat steady instead of making it worse?!

* I had never….ever…ever….EVERRRRRRRRRR been told that I had good fashion sense. A sixth grader told me that she loves all of the outfits that I come into school wearing. I was literally speechless.

* I had never spent a good deal of time in the 5th grade classrooms at my internship. Here are some new things I’ve learned:

– How to keep myself entertained for hours. One of the students drew a stick figure on my hand on a trampoline over a vein, so when I opened my hand, the stick figure looked like he was jumping! I named him Henry, and I spent most of my afternoon flabbergasted by my left hand. (Although I suppose that’s not the first time I’ve been amazed by left hand….that happens most days that end in ‘y’…)

Picture 1

– Who I was going to marry. According to a fifth grader’s oragami fortune teller, I am going to marry Adam Levine. I’d just like to state for the record and Mr. Levine that I’m single and ready to mingle, so eat ya heart out!!!!

– How to fishtail braid my hair. Actually, I didn’t learn how to do this, a girl just DID it for me…it’s definitely above my skill level.

– 5th graders LOVE school and their teachers (most of them, anyways). I’m treated like a CELEBRITY! No joke, the entire fifth grade formed a “high five line” down the hallway and I got run down and high five every student while they cheered me on. This occurred for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. Amazing.

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One Response to I groomed/bathed a dog!

  1. EmCash says:

    I simply love your school stories. Please keep posting them. I can see this blog going in a very interesting direction! 🙂


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