I had an indoor beach day!

So it’s January. And I’m missing the beach like whoa. Yep, I live at a beach, but I sure as hell can’t dig my feet into the sand whenever I want, or lay down on a towel and feel the warm sun on my back. I’m missing this beach:


and views like this:


So how to recapture the magic of beautiful Hawaii in Connecticut in January?!!!! Time to get creative!!!

First step? Set your indoor space heater’s thermostat to its highest setting. (This is actually where it is every single night. I still sleep in fleece pj’s with a comforter and 2 fleece blankets.)


I decided to catch up on a bit of school reading…


A little beach yoga, anyone?


Watch the sailboats sail across the water, and the gulls soar into the sky…


Can’t forget an awesome cocktail! (Drunk with the BEST sippy straw birthday present, everrrrrrr [Thanks Hunter, Lori, and Karla!!)


And last, but certainly not least, you can’t ever forget to dig your toes into the sand!!


It was a great day!! I feel much better after visiting the beach, even if it was only in my dreams 🙂

Other notable firsts:
* I had never been a “one-on-one” special ed paraprofessional before.

* I had never been tried to set up by a principal before!

* I had never eaten at the new Thai/Sushi place in town before. (not bad!)

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