I joined the National Bone Marrow Registry!

I don’t know how I ended up on this website, but it happened. And then I realized what a small amount of time it actually took, and that I could potentially save a life. So…..duhhhhhh, of course I sent away for the (FREE!) kit!!

All you do is get a kit sent to you, and you swab the inside of your cheek:


Then you send it away! Yes, it’s THAT EASY!!


I remain on the registry until I’m 61. If I come up as a potential match for someone, they’ll run a few more tests, and then I’ll spend a weekend giving away some of my blood partlets (I’m pretty sure I just made that term up….), and someone else will receive them and hopefully get better. I can choose to remain anonymous if I’d like.

If YOU’D like to be a part of this, visit bethematch.org today!! You could help someone with leukemia or other blood disorders.

Other notable firsts:

* I had never celebrated New Years eve/day in Philly!!!!

* I had never had a vegetarian Philly Cheese Steak before! This one was actually vegan….the cheese MELTED!!!!! holy crapskies!!!:


* I had never been a substitute teacher before! (I was utterly, completely, unbelievably, totally TERRIBLE-HORRIBLE-NO-GOOD-VERY-BAD!!!!! I can only get better from here, though, so hooray for that!)

* I had never brought my lunch to school before (I always bought my lunch. Tofurky sandwiches all week!! Mmmmmmmmm….)

* I had never made a “pocketful of memories” before! (This was left over from last week. Whoops!!) I took an old pair of jeans and a shoebox to make Kristen the most unintendedly-hipster birthday present of all time:

The outside:


It opens up into a photo album!:


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