I wore red lipstick!

For a lady to wear red lipstick, she’s got to be feeling pretty amazing! One of my friends says she feels like she’s walking around naked when she wears it. I’ve always been sort of impressed with the balls-y women that can pull it off, since I consider myself a ball-less wonder of a woman. I feel like it draws so much attention to your face! One day I’ll grow a pair…

I was terrified that I’d end up looking like this:


But the “hot passion” lip color ended up coming out OK! (although I think I looked a bit like a strange Snow White?):


My mom also had red shoes to match!:


I definitely will not make this a normal occurrence, though! I did feel a bit like I was walking around naked, and I was constantly worrying if it was on my teeth or bleeding around my lips. I’d prefer to have fun in a night, not worry about whether my “hot passion” is spreading everywhere, thankyouverymuch!!!

Other notable firsts:

* I had never seen a show at Mohegan Sun! I had ALSO never seen Straight No Chaser, a pretty amazing a capella group. My friend Chris had GREAT tickets!


They sang “Fix You” in memory of the Newtown victims, which might have been the top musical moment of my life. There was not one dry eye in that arena, and I visibly saw some of the group members brushing away tears on stage during the standing ovation they got afterwards.

* I had never done a crossword puzzle in calligraphy! (It was the only pen that I could find around the house!)


* I had never made a new years resolution before! (I’m saying this tentatively…if anyone else can remember a time when I did, I will take this back!)

* I had never gone in Alyse’s hot tub before!

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