I got a massage!

Yes, that’s right….I’ve never gotten a massage before! Oh, sure, I’ve gotten the nice, well-meant ones from friends and significant others, but I’ve never received one from someone who was trained in the art of massage!

I had a gift certificate at the Norwich Inn & Spa from like 3 years ago, so I finally decided to cash in on it. I’m an IDIOT!!!! I didn’t realize that they had a whole day thing….I could have used their gym, their hot tub, their relaxation room, their sauna….etc. etc. etc. But I had somewhere to be right after, so I had to rush out of there! What an idiot.

Anywho, I had an AWESOME massage person (massage-er? massage-ist?? Oh! masseuse!!!) named Nansi, who is also a reiki master and medium, both of which I have also never experienced, so she may make a comeback later here in the future! She was awesome, and super personable. I thought that I would want to talk to her the whole time, but right when she started, I sort of spaced out and half snoozed the whole time!!! Whoops.

It was amaaaazing. 50 minutes went by so quickly! She said I had a happy grin on my face the whole time.

Camera’s aren’t allowed in the spa, so I had Allie G. help me out with a re-enactment later in the night:


She has a great future in the massage world!!!


Other notable firsts:

* I had never snaked a bathtub to get ride of my hair. O….M…..G!!!!!!!! Grooossssss!!!!!!

* I had never started an education program to get certified to teach! Woo Hoo!!!

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2 Responses to I got a massage!

  1. Nansi Rice says:

    I am SO glad you enjoyed your massage!! Sorry for the delay in posting but I just found your link!!
    Thank you for the compliments…we are known as Massage Therapists πŸ™‚ I Would love to share some more about what I do.
    I really enjoy reading your posts…you go girl!!!


    • irishcait02 says:

      HAHA! No worries about the late posting….it made it even better!!!

      I am SUPER broke because of school right now, but I’m hoping to contact you over the summer when I have (fingers crossed) a summer job and can actually pay for things!

      Thanks again!!!! If everything works out, I will get to contact you in July πŸ™‚


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