I cooked an artichoke!

Amy and I went through the produce section at Big Y a few days ago, and I happened upon an artichoke and realized that I had no idea how to cook it! So I worked on it this morning.

I steamed it with some garlic, lemon juice, and a bay leaf, and then ate it with some melted butter.

You sort of eat it like edamame…scraping the stuff off with your teeth!

And there’s even a cool flower in the middle!!!

Other notable firsts:
* I had never rung the bell at Big Y announcing that you received excellent customer service! (I also let out a loud WHOOOO!!!! to really drive home the point.)

* I had never heard of an espresso blend called Colonel Grumpy’s Chapin. It made me giggle profusely. Almost as much as the word duty…..

* I had never registered a car at the DMV before!

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