I made a gravestone rubbing!

I’ve never made a gravestone rubbing before!

My old roommate from Hawaii, Aaron, needed a rubbing of HP Lovecraft’s grave by Halloween. (I didn’t ask any questions, just immediately accepted the mission!) The grave is in Providence, RI.

Apparently he is a famous sci-fi author, and his gravesite is visited pretty frequently. Lots of people left behind coins and rocks on his grave. I didn’t know what they meant, but I felt like I should leave something behind, too. I left my black crayon.

Other notable firsts (lots of pictures this week!:

* I had never sent a box of fall in the mail before.

* I had never sat on a bench in McCook’s Park and looked over Niantic Bay.

* I had never gone on a date set up by OKCupid.

* I had never been on the east coast to celebrate Mike H.’s birthday.

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One Response to I made a gravestone rubbing!

  1. Amanda says:

    Whoot! OK Cupid! 🙂 That’s where Eric and I met, FYI 🙂


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