I cut my own hair!!!

I’ve never cut my own hair before!!

I didn’t want anything ridiculous, because I’m pretty clumsy and could have ended up with a REALLY unfortunate hairdo!! I decided on layers, because people kept telling me that I should have layers and I’ve never had them.

I found this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Layer-Cut-Your-Own-Hair

Of course I didn’t stand in front of a mirror, or measure things out ahead of time (whaaat?! Me? pre-plan??!), but the method seemed interesting.

Before picture (my hair is straightened, it normally doesn’t look like this hahaha) The last time I cut my hair was a year ago, right before I left for India:

During the cutting:

Final Result:

A bit hard to see, but it was a great, subtle result! I’ve got layers around my hair.


Other notable firsts:

*I had never nannied before (uhhh,this was a left over from last week….I forgot!!)

*I had never got a flu shot before

*I had never express mailed something before (stupid collegeboard not sending my SAT scores to the praxis people in time!!!)

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3 Responses to I cut my own hair!!!

  1. Mary says:

    your hair looks the same to me – are you sure you cut it.?


  2. irishcait02 says:

    hahaha! Yes I promise! Kristen can verify!! It’s a really subtle effect, so it was exactly what I was looking for! 🙂


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